Radical new research brings hope to millions who regularly suffer from this debilitating affliction.

Through long and difficult sciencing, scientists at the renowned Institute for Frenly Sciences has concluded that coziness is one of the most effective remedies to the condition usually refered to as ‘uncoziness.’ Though this has been suspected for a while, clear evidence was still lacking but through the efforts of Dr. Anton Frog, that evidence has now been brought to light.

Dr. Anton Frog hard at work doing a science.

In his case studies he looked at different kinds of coziness such as setting, interaction, foodstuffs and seasonal coziness and found that all of them help significantly on their own but combinations of two or more drastically improved the effect. While cozy foodstuffs, which is highly dependant on the one suffering from ‘uncoziness,’ can do a lot on its own, the effect improves exponentially when combined with cozy interaction, setting and season. The best results were with frens, a warm fire, hot choky and a rainstorm outside or with cookies and snow.
“This will go a long way in curing those who have been struck by uncoziness,” Dr. Anton Frog says. “Before we would prescribe these cures singularly but this new research provides us with the opportunity to tailor the cure to each individual fren in need depending on personal preference and availability,” he elaborates.
Surely this is a new dawn for curing uncoziness moments.