Even though things sometimes doesn’t go as planned they might still work out…

In an effort to attain oneness with the Universe, Edgar Fren had taken up meditation even if it was a difficult word for him to spell. After weeks of practicing this new thing Edgar thought he had finally made a big breakthrough when his meditation session one stressful Wednesday afternoon resulted in the absence of self and what he thought at first to be a state of complete being without ego. Reality turned out to be a little different, though.

Edgar Fren In HIs Meditation Corner

“It was magnificent,” Mr. Fren explains as we sit in the corner of his comfy living room dedicated to meditation. “There was nothing. No fear, no worries, no ego, just me being in the moment,” he explains with a look of joy on his face. “Turned out, though, that I’d just fallen asleep and that a nap was actually what I really needed that day.”
Even if Edgar Fren did not attain Frenvana on this day it is clear that the experience has made a positive mark on him as napping has now become part of his schedule.
Good job, Mr. Fren.