Things don’t always go as planned.

For the experienced tourist Alfred P. Frog an outing in London almost took a turn for the uncozy but it was avoided at the last minute.
Peepo Frog had taken four of his children to reenact the famous Beatles album cover outside Abbey Road studios, being the major fan of the band that he is, a love picked up by all of his offspring. Who ironically also are fans of Offspring.
It all started well but things took a hard left when Alfred for a moment forgot how to get back to the hotel. The exact moment was caught in the photo and is the reason for the concerned stare on his face.

Alfred P. Frog and kids

It did not, however, take Alfred P. Frog long to take out the instructions he had written down on a Choklet Bar wrapper, his favourite candy, and the crisis passed.
“For a second I didn’t know what to do,” Alfred recalls. “In my mind’s eye I saw my family and I live a wild life fending for ourselves in the shrubbery surrounding the famous recording studio. We were so lucky! Thank you, choklet bar!” The recollection of the relief that washes over him even as he talks about it is almost a presence in the room with us, so tangible is it.
We at the Cozy Gazette are thrilled that they all made it and we echo those profound words, Thank you, Choklet Bar!

*this article is in no way sponsored by Choklet Bar or its owner, Cozy Choklet Co. (CoChoCo).