Today, in news about news…

The news world was baffled yesterday when famous host of the renowned news show FrenNews, Colin McFrog, suddenly started speaking in an Australian accent. At first the producers and several viewers feared he might have been hit by a stroke and a medical team was called in immediately. After a thorough examination by the medical team, Colin McFrog was declared healthy and completely stroke-free, his only ailment at this time was slight confusion over the whole debacle.
An investigation was then launched to ascertain the cause of the problem and after about two hours and spending roughly nine million dollars, the investigation committee concluded that it was caused by either extraterrestrial interference or possibly witchcraft.

Colin McFrog

The truth, however, proved to be much more benign. An intern from the local Grahame Willow high school admitted that he had inadvertently turned the teleprompter upside down leading to the unavoidable accent-dent and also a sudden uptake in internet searches on how to do a proper Australian barbecue. It is as of yet unclear if there is a correlation between the two but an investigation committee has been formed to conduct an investigation.