Taking a moment to think sometimes pays off!

Wise from previous mistakes, semi-professional grocery shopper and Walkman owner, Gurlfren Frog, made the choice to just take a shopping cart right away yesterday when she visited her local Food-Mart rather than take the chance that a basket would suffice. “I habs experience as a grocery shopper now and that helpeded me bigly to make right decision so I wouldn’t habs to go bacc for cart,” Gurlfren told the Cozy Gazette.
Recent studies show that on average, 71% of shoppers will return the basket and swap it for a cart at least once a month. During Yule tide that increases to a whopping 109% because some people are so full of stress and eggnog that they accidentally swap their basket for a different basket prompting yet another trip back to the store entrance.

Delighted by her good choice, Gurlfren Frog estimates her shopping trip that time went slightly faster than it otherwise would have had she opted for a shopping basket.
“It freed up a chunk of time and I used that to design a new flyer to promote my shopping training program,” Gurlfren Frog added with a big smile as she pulled a copy of the flyer from her bag causing half a dozen smol packets of coffee creamer to fall out in the process.
She will now be teaching other people to make the right shopping vehicle decision sooner.