And that means it’s Sun time!

We have now passed the Summer Solstice and are officially in the throes of summer, the most summer-like season of the year, and that means sun, fun and water to cool off.
To enjoy summer time to its fullest it’s important to be properly prepared as the season comes with pitfalls and big dangers! Like, really bigly ones!


If you’re gonna spend a lot of time outside make sure you protect yourself against the evil rays of the Sun as these rays can get you both in and out of the water, unlike the ray that got Steve (RIP).

Using a proper anti-Sun goo can help protect you against the harmful rays so choose one with a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) a.k.a. EILA (Evil Invisible Light Armour), it should be at least 30 and preferably 50. Apply generously to the body and remember that Evil Invisible Light can penetrate some articles of clothing so use anti-Sun goo everywhere! On the body, not everywhere in a geographical sense. That’s impractical.


Make sure you drink enough during summer time, especiaficially if you’re out and about. Or just out, you don’t even have to be about.
Drinking enough (safe!) fluids will keep from getting thirsty and irritated and it’s been proven that it can keep you from dying, one of the uncoziest states of being.

Water is still the best to drink in the summer time so make sure to have several bottles of cold water in the refidg…refrig…reefi…. cold cupboard and always bring water when you venture into the Outernet this summer!


When drinking many bottles of water to stay hydrated you might accidentally wash out important salts and minerals hidden in the body. Sodium, potassium, iodine, cozinium, and that means your mind and body can’t communicate properly and muscles start to cramp because the brain goes like “Leg muscle, no cramps!” and Leg Muscle is all “WHAT? CRAMP? Okay, fellas, you heard him, cramp up!” and that’s really unpleasant.

Make sure you get some salt during the day alongside the water, it will also help to bind the water in the body so you can feel better and fresher all the time.


Proper attire (combined with anti-Sun goo) is important to maintain a healthy body temperature and stylish look. At the Cozy Gazette we recommend summer dresses for the gorls and brokinis for the guis!

These are classic attires suitable for any situation be it social, formal or recreational. They will keep you and your frens cool, comfy and snazzy!