A New Twist On Boxing Day!

Inspired by a popular 80s song, Apu F. Frog wanted to see for himself what all the hubbup was about so he tried living in a box for a day but found that it wasn’t as much fun as the pop rhytms and catchy tune of the British band aptly named ‘Living In A Box’ made it sound. It turns out that there’s not much to do when you live in a box and there is practically no room for a plate of tendies nor anywhere to put down your juice box, a box that is far superior to the domestic box both for its handy size and it’s delicious content. Of course, as far as potential for miscellaneous storage goes, the juice box still is lacking.

After spending most of the morning in the box, Apu F. Frog decided to end the experiment but didn’t consider it a failure as he’s learned the value of tendie specific areas.