Something Is Bound To Grow From This Trend

A local fren decided to go and tend to his garden this week rather than not tending to his garden and the effects were stunning. Besides the dirty nails and sweaty brow the fren discovered that he also felt a lot of happiness doing this simple work that no longer was considered a chore but a pleasurable pastime. After tilling the soil he went on to plant smol plants like radishes and carrots and lettuce as well as an assortment of flowers for our frens, the bees, so they can make lots of honey.

To entertain him in the garden the fren, who wishes to remain nameless, had first put on some music on his trusty old stereo but he did not even notice that the compact disc had stopped playing, so much was he enjoying the activity and the song of the birbs in the trees and bushes around him.
What he will do with the bounty of produce that is bound to grow from his efforts he has not yet determined but a salad would be an obvious choice but pickling some of it means preserving for the cold winter time.
Already now the fren is planning to grow a fruit salad tree, we will be following up on that!