Sundays Are Fun Days

Overwhelmed by the heat this Sunday, Frederick Frog decided that the only proper way to cool off for himself and his doggo, Bjarki, was to go to the local beach. The temperature was officially ‘High’ and the Sun was shining from a clear blue sky so it could not have been a better day for beach time.
Arriving at his destination, Frederick Frog was pleased to see that there were hardly any normies around so he let Bjarki off his leash so he could run free and he really did. For a long time!
Frederick and Bjarki also spent an entire hour digging a huge hole in the sand and watched as it slowly filled up with water and a crab fren they had seen earlier joined in the fun and moved into the hole.

Frederick Frog had brought all the safety gear needed for a day in the water and after many fun hours it was time to go home again.
“Thar be a wind suddenly and it maked me be a little cold,” Frederick explained yours truly. “I would’ve liked to stay longer but I had foods waiting at home and we were both getting a little bit hungry so it was time!”
That night our fren Frederick slept like someone who is really good at sleeping.