You Don’t Want To Sleep Through This Advice

Sometimes frens can not get to sleep and that means they are going to walk around being all tired and sometimes grumpy, too, because of the lack of proper sleep. And that is no good because frens must maximize happy time!
Good sleeps are important for many reasons as it is during the sleepy times that the body will work at healing itself and become all frenly again and if you constantly get bad sleeps you become unfocused and easily annoyed at articles talking about how to get good sleeps!
Most frens need between seven and eight hours of sleep but some might need a little more, some will do will a little less but either way you will know if you are not getting the right amount by the grumpiness.
There are many reasons for not sleeping well and not all of them are easily fixed but good habits with sleep can go a long way towards making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep and we will take a look at some of them now.

We use all kinds of weird monitors these days and all of them (except the lizards) emit a lot of blue light. That blue light makes our brains think it’s still sorta daylight and therefore too early to get good sleeps so it denies us the sleep we need. Turn off all computer devices and leave them for about an hour before going to bed. Instead read a book (not an entire one unless it’s really short) or just calmly prepare for bed.

Computer games right before bed time can make it hard to fall asleep

More exercise will often help you sleep a lot better because the body has been used and you have spent some excess energy. If your daily routine involves you sitting still most of the time work on making it a routine to go for a walk half an hour a day. It has a positive effect on sleep, on health and mental wellbeing.

Literally, don’t eat garbage. But also try and limit the amount of processed foods you eat as most of them are full of weird preservatives and other chemicals that might easily affect your brain in the wrong way.

The temperature in your bedroom has a lot to say about how you sleep so you want to make sure it’s on the lower side of the scale. It shouldn’t be cold per se but a few real degrees below regular room temperature. Use the Dual-Foot method with one foot under the covers and one foot out of the covers to micro adjust your internal temperature.
Of course, never let your foot hang over the side of the bed or the monsters will get you!

No matter how tempting it is to stretch an afternoon nap this will have a negative, sometimes even devastating impact on your ability to get to sleep at night!

As much as possible try and go to sleep and get up again at roughly the same time every day, even on the weekend and holidays. It helps the brain get into a rhythm and the natural flow of the right hormones will start to happen automatically which makes it a lot easier to get to sleep and stay asleep.

Avoid beverages with high caffeine contents in the evening, pretty much after dinner time. No coafie, no tea, no koler or that famous energy drink we shall call Crimson Oxen for copyright reasons.

If thoughts are keeping you awake when you should be sleeping, try and turn the thoughts towards something positive, cozy or frenly. It can be a cozy memory or it can be a dream holiday, a trip in the imagination through your favourite time period, picturing the house you’d most want to live in etc. The options are endless with this step and it all depends on yourself. Just make sure to ban all negative thoughts as soon as they enter so they will not disrupt The Cozy.

We hope this might provide at least a starting point to fixing your sleep if you are having trouble with that area. We need to sleep every day so there are plenty of opportunities to try out these methods.
Good luck and sleep well!

*Pills and pharmaceuticals should always be the very last resort and only used for a very short time.