Not Everything Sweet is Honey

Frens everywhere are rejoicing today after a huge victory in the Frenlandian Supreem Court, a verdict that mandates everyone who produces honey mustard dressing to use genuine honey made by our frens, the bees. This case came after an undercover agent infiltrated the production facilities of Smolhat Foodstuffs and documented how they used cheap sugar syrup to sweeten the mustard to save money, something they have been caught doing on numerous occasions.

The High Court of Frenliness decided in a unanymous ruling that frens must be able to trust the honey mustard they buy for their tendies is the real McCoy.
A. Dvokat Frog, the prosecutor on the case, commented on the verdict immediately following the procedure.

“This is now the 110th time that Smolhat Foodstuffs have lost a case, you can’t help but wonder when they’ll learn, but fact of the matter remains: frens everywhere can now safely buy honey mustard sauce and be safe in the knowledge that they’re getting the real deal and not some scam product of low quality. This will do wonders for everything from Friday night coziness watching spooky movies while snacking to garden barbecues and tailgate parties at sportsball events!”