Something was fishy about this!

Abigail Frog and her husband Bert Frog made what seemed like a horrifying discovery early this morning when they were heading to their offices to start the day’s work. Huge piles of fish were laying dead everywhere they looked as if dumped there deliberately.
The couple was inconsolable and they called the authorities immediately but due to the distress it took almost 35 minutes before the emergency dispatcher was able to make sense of the situation and send someone to address what appeared to be a real mystery.

Fish bois (model photo)

“They were everywhere,” Abigail Frog related later. “I didn’t know what to do at first so I took my phone and searched for the number to 911 which was harder to find than I thought it would be. That’s an outrage, too, you know?!”

Abigail Frog

The commotion caused Abigail and Bert’s coworkers to come running and they were quickly able to calm the couple and using a mix of pictograms and hand puppets they were able to explain that the place was, after all, a fish processing factory that manufactures delicious beer battered fish fingers and so the presence of dead fish was not as ominous as it may have seemed at first glance.
After further explaining the similarities between fish fingers and chibben tendies, Abigail and Bert were ready for work once more, their horrors forgotten in the happy anticipation of lunch.