“But what about part I?” Don’t worry, it’s coming but it needs heavy editing!

Really early.

After too few hours of sleep I was awakened by the incessant noise coming from my phone, that little vexing apparatus that is both a blessing and curse and I rose to see… Nothing. It’s the middle of December in Scandinavia so it’s dark as pitch outside until 10 in the morning or so.
Breakfast? Never got any but I was wise enough to shower before I went to bed so I could spend what little I had this morning stressing about whether I had packed everything. I have decided that I have packed everything I need. My phone is crucial because it’s got my boarding pass and also I’m bound to get lost at some point in the near future. Money and credit cards, check! Passport, check. Everything else is more or less optional. Mostly less, though.

Monday. Still.
A little later.

Arrival at the airport was in due time, perhaps a little too due, if that’s an expression, because now that I’m through check-in (done in “cyberspace”) and the security check, a very tedious demand, I’m sitting here waiting for my plane listening to people being called to their gates time and again. A lot of people. I never got that, where the hell can they be, the only purpose of these halls are for people to wait for their flights, it’s not like they’re stuck in traffic and with the airlines requiring passengers to be here two hours or more before departure time there ought to be ample time to find the gate.
Another passenger is called. Spanish, from the sound of the name, although it was a little hard to tell at first the way the announcer stumbled over the name “Savedra.”
Just over an hour’s worth of waiting still but the worth of that is not that much, airports are immensely boring and overpriced with everything they sell. I am considering getting some frenly choklet, tho!
Another call for a passenger, Tobias. What a dumbass!
I think I just saw Tobias come running towards his gate but from the looks of him he’ll never make it, he’ll have a heart attack before reaching the gate.
RIP, Tobias.

Dave has left for Manchester, I will leave on the Great Hunt for Ritter Sport…

Will follow up on this later when I’m somewhere I’m not audibly assaulted by Ace of Base and a Eurodance cover version of Dolly Parton’s classic, Jolene, at the same time because this noise is inhuman.