Welcome back frens!

Life on Earth would be very cozy if everything just went well for us all the time. We’d
always have good frens around us, a nice profession that we always like to do, and nice families that we always got along with and didn’t have to work to maintain. Unfortunately, that’s not the world that we live in, and so from time to time we have to go through events that are decidedly uncozy. Whether it’s uncozy people, unfun situations, or just an overall ill feeling, sometimes we have to go through things that aren’t fun. But frens, even in the darkest and least cozy of times, we can grow and not only come out the other side cozy, but help other frens with their uncozy times in the future!

The first thing that we should do is even before the uncozy times, we should prepare ourselves for times that will be less than cozy. This can include saving money, making good frens who can support us, setting aside time to make sure we’re well rested and ready to deal with bad times, and more. This can help us to offset some of the uncoziness and come through that much quicker. Next, there comes the uncozy times themsleves. I know that when we’re in the thick of things, it can seem like they’ll never end, but don’t give up frens! Remember when times were happier and lean on your support systems, and you can make it though. Sometimes, if you have the presence of mind to step outside the situation, you can even find ways around the uncoziness to stop it sooner than you otherwise would have. Finally, when the coziness has returned and everything is alright again, it helps to reflect back briefly on the uncozy times and look at what you’ve learned and how you can apply those lessons. You can then better deal with similar situations in the future, as well as being able to help other frens going through what you did.

Fanks for reading frens, I lubs you all!

Verse for the week: Matthew 5:10