Henlo again frens!

It’s very easy to overfill your schedule in modern times. Even though the 40 hour work week has become somewhat of a standard in the western world, we have found all kinds of distractions and hobbies to fill the voids and spaces in our lives. So much do we cram every nook and cranny of our free time that we sometimes don’t even have time to get a full night’s sleep! This week I’d like to remind frens to take a little time for themselves every day and encourage everyone to try to take on meditation.

When I bring up meditation, it may conjure images of a bhuddist monk sitting Indian style with his wrists on his knees, hands making the OK sign, and doing his best to clear his mind. While this may be a good way to fall asleep, it’s not what I’m talking about when I say meditation. What I want frens to try doing is to find and nice cozy chair somewhere you can be alone, get a drink of tea, coffee, hot cocoa, or other non-alcoholic drink of choice, and think of something cozy. Cozy memories, affirming scripture verses, or loved ones are all examples of what you may think of. Then, when you have the cozy thing in mind, I want you to focus on it with all your mind. Try to block out everything else in the world and just think about the coziness. Mull it around in your head. Consider what it means to you, think about how it effects your life, consider how you can use it to help frens in the future (or, if it’s a loved one, how you can help them in the future). I’d like to challenge frens to do a half hour of meditation a day for the next week and see how it effects your outlook on life. I think that you’ll find that life becomes more fulfilling when you take a little time to be alone and really ponder the coziness of your life and the world around you.

Fanks for reading frens, I lubs you all!

Verse for the week: Joshua 1:8