Henlo again frens!

Sometimes, life goes great for a spell. It could be for days, weeks, months, or sometimes even years, where everything in life seems to be going very smoothly and every bump is insignificant at worst. During these times, it can be tempting to become all puffed up and haughty; you may even be tempted to look down on those who don’t have things as figured out as you do. But frens, these times can be the most dangerous of all, as what goes up must come down, and the world has a way of humbling you when you get to haughty. The best way to avoid this massive fall is to keep yourself humble. Humility can benefit us by preventing large mood swings, making us more relatable to frens, and giving us an attitude of saving.

The biggest stings in life come when you believe that you have everything figured out only for an unforeseen circumstance to come and smack you down. Whether in carreer, social life, family life, or finance, the pain of these unforeseen consequences can really put you in a bad mood. However, by remaining humble, you can take the sting away and get grace from yourself and others during these bad times. Another benefit of humility is that other people will give you more grace during darker times. While it can be satisfying to see someone who’s boastful and haughty get their just deserts, no one wishes ill on someone who stays modest. Finally, staying humble and realizing that rough seas may come can help us save for the future and prepare for bad times. These preparations can help reduce the sting of a bad situation.

Fanks for reading frens, I lubs you all!

Verse for the week: Job 40: 6-8